The work on the first Ukrainian social video dedicated to the visibility of intersex people has been completed. Its creation was preceded by diligent and hard work, because it was done for the first time. Various professionals and experts in the field of the film industry were involved in the work: producer, director, screenwriter, operators, light and sound engineers, actors and intersex people.

The main task of the creators of the video was to convince viewers that intersex people are equal to all other members of human society, that above all they need recognition of their existence, and just like everyone else, they need attention and protection of the society.

In our opinion, the best means for carrying out the task are media products. The video, created by us, is a powerful confirmation for this point; it was designed to convince the public that intersex people are an important and integral part of human society. It is important for us that our video should be seen by numerous people, who, having seen it would realize that the intersex people are the same as they are.

We are convinced that this video will promote the establishment of equality and mutual respect among people in human society.