Інтерсекс Ютуб-канали: 

  1. Pidgeon Pagonis
  2. Intersex Experiences Male? Female? Born In-Between; With Emilord
  3. InterACT

Посилання до освітніх відео програм, що пов’язані з феноменом інтерсекс:

  1. Lianne Simon and Dr. Megan DeFranza: Intersex Christians and the Image of God
  2. Human Rights Watch and interACT Intersex Feature Video (English Subtitles)
  3. Intersexuell Online – Mein Leben zwischen den Geschlechtern (Web-Doku)
  4. Gender Bound: Lessons From the World Between By Judi Herring, M.D.
  5. Between Genders: Exploring Intersex with Hida Viloria
  6. Intersex People and the Physics of Judgment | Cecelia McDonald | TEDxBoulder
  7. Not a Girl, Not a Boy – Intersex Documentary
  8. Sally Gross, Founder and Director of Intersex South Africa
  9. We Are Intersex Youth
  10. Pediatric Surgeon Mika Venhola on INTERSEX
  11. What it’s Like to be INTERSEX
  12. Intersex persons’ human rights defenders; ilga
  13. Intersex Questions and Answers
  14. Alice Dreger: Why Have Intersex Rights Been So Hard to Secure in America?
  15. BORN BETWEEN The Nature of Intersex (20 Minute Promo)
  16. Interthoughts: Interview with Eden Atwood, Part 1
  17. Interthoughts:  Interview with Eden Atwood Part 2
  18. Intersex: the I in LGBTI I The Feed
  19. Dr. Tiger Devore, PhD – The Interface Project
  20. Intersex: Disqualified For How I Was Born
  21. ORCHIDS ORCHIDS: MY INTERSEX ADVENTURE | Women Make Movies | Trailer
  22. Intersex: Disqualified For How I Was Born (The testimony of an XY Intersex women denied entry into the NAVY)
  23. Hida Viloria with Oprah Winfrey
  24. Tiger Devore with Oprah Winfrey
  25. Being and Intersex Man: With Martin Hasani Di Maggio
  26. Secret Intersex (Medical Documentary) – Real Stories
  27. Chimera: The Twin Inside of Me

Відео, які тематично стосуються операцій, що калічать та нав’язаної косметичної генітальної хірургії:

  1. US: End Irreversible Genital Surgeries on Intersex Infants; InterACT
  2. Born In Between, the Challenges of Intersex Persons in Kenya
  3. Intersexuell Online – Mein Leben zwischen den Geschlechtern (Web-Doku)
  4. Discovery – Is It a Boy or a Girl ft. Tiger Devore PhD
  5. Paediatric Surgeon Mika Venhola on INTERSEX
  6. Betsy Driver – Interview Amsterdam 2014
  7. Betsy Driver – Flemington, N.J., U.S.  The Interface Project: (CAH INTERSEX and genital mutilation)
  8. Markus Bauer – Stop Intersex Genital Mutilation
  9. Tiger Devore, Ph.D. – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – The Interface Project
  10. Tiger Devore with Oprah Winfrey
  11. Jim Ambrose – Oakland, California, USA The Interface Project  His Video: Jim Ambrose: The Interface Project
  12. Jim Lake -The Interface Project (Hypospadias)
  13. Intersex Children: Waiting to Decide on Sex Surgery?
  14. Genital Mutilation: America’s double standards
  15. Intersex Protest Forced Genital Surgery
  16. XXXY (2000)
  17. Intersex True-Hermaphrodite (Survivor)
  18. INTERSEX STORIES: Alex & Mugsie.wmv
  19. Surgical Abuse of Intersex Child
  20. Dana interviews Mo Cortez about living life as an intersex man.