What are we do?

What does Egalite Intersex Ukraine?

Distribution of knowledge about intersex people in order to create harmonious and tolerant relationships in society.

Provides intersex-people and their families with advisory psychological, legal, medical and other assistance.

Organizes and holds events (meetings, seminars, conferences, trainings) for students, specialists of different fields (doctors, teachers, lawyers, journalists, psychologists).

Produces various printed products for and about intersex people.

Create educational and informational videos for and about intersex people.

Studying experience of work of similar international organizations.

Advocates the rights of intersex people to “personal autonomy of the body” on the basis of full and detailed informing them and the availability of their voluntary consent to any operational intervention.

Analyzes cases of violation of rights of intersex people in order to assist them to protect themselves.

Summarize the experience of terminology development in the field of its activities.

Translates foreign publications that address problems related to the lives of intersex people.